Let’s start a health movement

CHI believes staying healthy is a group effort. That together we can make feeling good contagious. Energize our communities. And change the odds for our patients.

The amazing work every member of our CHI team does each day is the CHI brand. They keep inspiring. Innovating. Expanding the boundaries of what healthcare can be.

Through this multi-state campaign, we’re letting our patients know we care about them–mind, body and spirit. Soon you’ll begin to see how we’re taking this wellbeing advocacy and our branding to a whole new level. On TV, in digital-marketing with content and social media, in print ads and outdoor advertising.

We’re doing it for the well-being of our communities and so when patients need a health screening, want to start a primary care relationship, or get more information on specialty care, they will think of CHI.

We’re all in this to make things better right? We’re all in this to transform healthcare for good…and we will.

Because we’re better, healthier, stronger together.