Corporate responsibility

Catholic Health Initiatives is a values-driven health care organization. Our commitment to community begins with living our core values and adhering to exceptional standards of conduct. It is the personal responsibility of each and all of us to behave ethically and appropriately.

At Catholic Health Initiatives, we believe that corporate responsibility begins with personal responsibility and integrity on the part of everyone who works for and with our organizations.

- Michelle Cooper, Senior Vice President and Corporate Responsibility Officer

Our values and ethics at work

Health care is a complex industry.  These are many laws and regulations governing health care.  CHI policies, procedures and routine investment in education help to ensure that our behaviors and business transactions are ethical and appropriate at all times.

Why does Catholic Health Initiatives take corporate responsibility so seriously? Because it is an expression of our core values of reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence.

- Kevin Lofton, Chief Executive Officer

Our core values


Profound respect and awe for all of creation, the foundation that shapes spirituality, our relationships with others and our journey to God.


Moral wholeness, soundness, fidelity, trust, truthfulness in all we do.


Solidarity with one another, capacity to enter into another's joy and sorrow.


Achieving preeminent performance, becoming the benchmark, putting forth our personal and professional best.

Our standards of conduct

All board and committee members, officers, employees, volunteers, medical staff and others working with Catholic Health Initiatives act in accordance with the following standards of conduct.

  • Exercise good faith and honesty in all dealings and transactions.
  • Create a workplace that fosters community and honors and cares for the dignity, safety and well being of all persons in mind, body and spirit.
  • Maintain a high level of knowledge and skill among all who serve in order to provide high-quality care and safety.
  • Observe all laws, regulations and policies that govern what we do.
  • Maintain the integrity and protect the confidentiality of patient, resident, employee and organizational information.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and/or the appearance of conflicts.
  • Use resources responsibly.

State Summaries and False Claims Act

In addition to the federal False Claims Act, many states have or are in the process of adopting false claims acts.  You are encouraged to periodically check this document, State False Claims Act, for detailed information regarding your state. 

Our mission and vision are built around strengthening healthy communities and advancing social justice.