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Together We’re Stronger: A look back at CHI’s workplace culture in 2018

Together, we’re stronger.

At Catholic Health Initiatives, that sentence is much more than a tagline. It represents how cooperation and teamwork is central to what we do, day-in and day-out.

Because of our commitment to each other, we take time to undergo what we call our “Performance Culture Assessment” or PCA for short. Employees are given the chance to voice their thoughts on what’s working well and what needs improvement through a series of survey questions. Surveys are then grouped by hospital division, scored, and compared against industry benchmarks, our own enterprise goals, and other CHI hospital divisions.

Setting goals, whether on an individual or enterprise level, isn’t a new idea. We’ve worked hard to tailor the PCA to assess how we’re living our values at CHI. It’s designed to simultaneously give employees a platform to voice their opinions, and a window into how their hospital—and CHI at-large—is performing.

So, how did we do in the 2018 PCA?

·         We got employee feedback in six categories: job engagement; quality and competence; organizational engagement; your immediate supervisor; hiring, promotion and opportunity; and upper management.

Scores went up in all six categories compared to 2016.

·         Participation increased by 6% compared to 2016, which means thousands more employees made their voice heard.

·         Employee satisfaction rose slightly from 2016, with significant increases in scores related to upper management and hiring, promotion and opportunity.

·         We scored at or above the national average in all six categories for employers in HealthStream’s database.

When asked what was working well, employees had great things to say about communication. Whether it was praising communication practices like daily huddles or recognizing their supervisor for having an open-door policy, many employees noted how excellent communication leads to excellent patient care.

Among things we need to improve were ensuring valued employees are given recognition and the staffing support they need to keep doing great work, as well as increasing face-to-face time between upper management and hospital staff.

So, we listened. We’ll continue striving to make improvements to the way we operate and the way we recognize employees who go the extra mile. We’ll also continue to prioritize open communication in everything we do, from how departments prepare for the day to how leaders engage with patients and employees.

The PCA is not just another survey. We wanted to hear employees’ voices—their real, unedited hopes, complaints, and ideas. And after hearing them, we couldn’t be more excited for another year working together to make our world even a little better, a little stronger, and a little healthier.