Know someone talented and looking to make a difference?

03/08/18 Careers

We want smart, driven and compassionate people to join our team. With a wealth of careers across more than 100 hospitals and clinics in 18 states, there are plenty of opportunities to share in our mission of building healthier communities.

Curious how your passion for helping others could come to life?

Help communities overcome the opioid crisis. We are striving to build initiatives and partnerships that can save lives from opioid dependence. We’ve piloted injection clinics, made life-saving drugs more accessible to patients and partnered with local law enforcement to drastically reduce opiates in the community.

Bring patients to the forefront of cancer care. Whether it’s the state-of-the-art radiation technology or award-winning oncology care, our hospitals are leading the fight against cancer. The CHI Institute of Innovation and Research (CIRI) has partnered with the National Cancer Institute and its prestigious Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) to run groundbreaking clinical trials across the country.

Champion a culture of nonviolence. Our commitment to peace underlies everything we do. It’s ingrained in our culture, the way we support each other and the way we treat patients. It’s also the foundation of United Against Violence, the only national program of its type sponsored by a health system.

Want to turn your calling to help others into a challenging, fulfilling career? Visit our careers page to view opportunities at a location near you.

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