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  • Smoking & lung cancer

    MAY 19, 2019

    The vast majority of cigarette smokers are quite aware of how dangerous their habit is, but their addiction is among the very hardest to quit. Here are some simple tips to have a useful conversation with a friend who smokes.

  • Mental health awareness facts and tips

    MAY 17, 2019

    Mental health is an important issue in all communities. That’s why for Minority Mental Health Awareness Month in July, we want to call attention to the disparity in access to mental health services and empower you to make a positive difference. Here’s what you need to know to make a difference in someone’s life.

  • Act FAST when there’s a chance of stroke

    MAY 14, 2019

    A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of your brain is interrupted or reduced, depriving your brain cells of oxygen and nutrients. Within minutes, brain cells begin to die. When you're having a stroke, it's important to get treatment as soon as possible. Literally every minute counts. So use the memory aid "FAST."

  • Healthy communities start with our children

    MAY 03, 2019

    Child abuse is a problem in the United States. Why is violence towards children so prevalent? And what are we doing to stop it? We asked two experts about their efforts to stop child abuse and improve their communities’ health.

  • The center of team-based care? The patient, of course.

    MAY 03, 2019

    As obvious as patient-centered care might seem, how it actually plays out in hospitals, clinics and other care delivery sites around the country is anything but simple.

  • A doctor, miles away might help to save you one day

    APR 30, 2019

    Critical access hospitals provide access to critical care, when and where it’s needed most. But, it’s important to understand that these hospitals go far beyond responding to emergencies.