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  • Know someone talented looking to make difference?

    MAR 08, 2018

    We want smart, driven and compassionate people to join our team. With a wealth of careers across more than 100 hospitals and clinics in 18 states, there are plenty of opportunities to share in our mission of building healthier communities.

  • Sacred Stories: Deb Howie

    MAR 04, 2018

    Ever wondered if your work makes a difference? CHI St. Alexius Health Dickinson Chaplain Coordinator Deb Howie knows firsthand that the smallest act of compassion can be meaningful—even if its impact is hidden from us.

  • Heart healthy week–how to recognize heart failure

    FEB 11, 2018

    Many people have heart failure and don't even know it. In recognition of American Heart Month, we turned the week of Valentine’s Day into Heart Healthy Week. Each day, we featured one way you can recognize heart failure.

  • Thank you to our employees for making a positive impact

    JAN 22, 2018

    In 2017 our employees helped each other, patients, and families in times of need. They overcame disasters, celebrated each other, gave back to their communities and provided excellent, award-winning care. Thank you to all members of the CHI family, for showing us what it means to live a life of service.

  • Today, great things will happen

    NOV 13, 2017

    On a Tuesday morning, I got out of bed feeling anxious about what might happen that day. Our branch of American Nursing Care was in a rebuilding phase, and sometimes the results of my efforts to create order seemed little in evidence, at least to me.

  • The many faces of Jesus

    NOV 13, 2017

    One day at my job, I was transferred to work at the extended care facility; an area different from one I normally work in. I was accustomed to the acute care environment, but this would be different: I would be caring for people in a health facility that serves as their home. I was out of my comfort zone.

  • The non-stop flight to Seattle

    NOV 13, 2017

    My husband and I were so excited to fly to Seattle. My seat was in the third row, next to a delightful elderly lady who was extremely hard of hearing. About two hours into the flight, a flight attendant asked that anyone with a medical background to report to the front galley.

  • To truly see

    NOV 13, 2017

    While working the night shift at St. Vincent Infirmary, a patient of mine forever changed my view on life.

  • Sacred spaces

    NOV 13, 2017

    What if the end goal, the grand vision, the ultimate outcome of all our work was to create sacred spaces?

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