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  • Your guide to clinical trials

    MAR 12, 2019

    Clinical trials are important for finding cures. Because cures don’t just happen. They’re created, tested, and initiated. When an alternate treatment option is needed, clinical trials can give you more control over your care.

  • Relieving the pain reliever crisis

    FEB 26, 2019

    The opioid epidemic is deteriorating our national condition and we as physicians have the power to change that narrative and positively improve the lives of our patients.

  • United Against Violence for a safer future

    NOV 26, 2018

    United Against Violence was founded in 2008 with the goal of reducing violence in the communities we serve and in our greater society. Our goal is to identify the needs of the community, in partnership, and to help them develop successful, long-term, prevention programs.

  • At election time, the right to vote unites us

    OCT 29, 2018

    At CHI, we encourage our colleagues and our communities to exercise this important right through our My Voice, My Vote engagement campaign. You have a voice; you have a vote. Make sure your voice is heard by registering, becoming informed, and voting!