Stronger talent all together

Our doctors and clinicians come to us with a wide variety of educational backgrounds, training and clinical experience. Each brings their own talents and a passionate commitment to help our patients achieve health and well-being. Together we combine our skills to serve our patients and communities like no other. Through shared-expertise and learning across our organization we have already raised the bar for cancer, cardiovascular, orthopedic care and many other complex conditions.

Clinical excellence

Each day we are confronted with more complex patient problems that require new treatments and research. To stay ahead of the curve, we’re calling out three areas that continually help us become better. These three pillars  singularly focus on constantly improving care and the patient experience while ensuring access and affordability for all.

We pledge to:

Hire the right people.

This means ensuring that everyone in our network, top-to-bottom and coast-to-coast, is the right fit for their jobs. That each patient is working with the best possible providers, clinicians and team members for their particular experience.

Keep quality and safety top of mind.

We will adhere to rigorous metrics and benchmarks to achieve our goal of care that is high quality, safe, and cost effective. And though we’re proud of our previous accreditations and accolades, we will always strive to do better.

Make the patient experience the best it can be.

The importance of the patient experience cannot be overstated. It can make a huge difference to each individual’s overall health.

We combine current research with clinical expertise to guide health care decisions for each patient. Research-guided practices are helping us achieve these goals for patient care and customer service:

  • 85% or more of our care will be based on approved evidence-based practices
  • Our scores on patient experience surveys will be in the top 10% in the nation
  • Patients will experience no serious harm or injury, or acquire a new infection while in our care.
  • By using evidence-based practices, we will consistently improve how we deliver care and achieve better outcomes while keeping care affordable.

Engaged clinicians save more lives and money

Most hospitals have programs in place to obtain and manage medical equipment and supplies.  Often, cost is the primary driver of decisions.  At CHI, we’ve developed a Clinically Driven supply chain where we bring physicians and clinicians together to collaborate on the decisions around products and services. Their priority is first to ensure high quality care and outcomes. Our experience has been that involving the physicians or clinicians not only  delivers better care, but ends up efficiently saving money in the long run. How much savings? Our team of doctors on Cardiac Rhythm Management saved us over $4.7 million last year alone.