Better, stronger, healthier together

Working together for good

When it comes to caring for our patients, we can never be satisfied.  We believe in constant improvement. Reaching consistently high levels of care no matter how diverse our patients’ needs may be. Better together means our physicians and clinicians work as one team to provide exceptional patient care and service for your entire well-being. We partner with you to help when you are sick, injured or simply striving to achieve the best you. When we work together, our entire community reaps the rewards.

We believe:

  • Each person has the right to receive care regardless of their abilities, background or lifestyle.
  • Each person is unique, and we treat their values, beliefs, culture and lifestyle with respect.
  • Every person deserves a champion, because health care is complex and sometimes just plain hard.  

Being healthy means something different for each of us, but most would agree it is about living life fully. We believe that for individuals to experience better health, our communities must become healthier too. For that to happen, we must transform the way we think of health care. That’s why CHI teams work together to deliver necessary resources to ensure exceptional support in community care and service. In this way, our physicians and clinicians deliver state-of-the-art, evidenced-based care each and every day. Together, we work tirelessly to improve patient safety, quality care and perhaps most critically, the patient care experience.

Exceptional clinical expertise

We are blessed to have a talented team of physicians, advanced practice clinicians, nurses and many other clinicians. In every community, they employ evidence-based practices that use the best, most current research. This means they can confidently apply clinical expertise in collaboration with their patients to guide health care planning and decisions. This collaborative network of physicians and clinicians are carefully aligned to improve patient health in every community we serve.

More innovative care

Through constant innovation and research, we are able to champion our patients’ well-being. Programs like the CHI Institute for Research and Innovation (CIRI), ongoing clinical trials, precision medicine, virtual care/telemedicine and academic centers of excellence give those in need confidence that they are receiving the most current and appropriate care. Our commitment is that at every stage of life, and for each medical need, you can expect the care that is right for you based on current and innovative clinical practices. 

The sum of our expertise raises every bar

The collaboration between physician specialists, clinicians and clinical leaders from academic, tertiary and community health care settings across the county, are delivering more effective and efficient care in our cardiovascular, hospital medicine, orthopedics and oncology service lines. 

This teamwork exposes our clinicians to emerging care models; allows them to participate in research-based protocols, and medical equipment and supply decisions; and gives them access to data and analytics toward best performance. For patients, this means receiving care that is safe, high quality, personalized and provided in an efficient manner.