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Jewish Hospital Shelbyville and UofL Physicians Partner for Remote Stroke Care

Shelbyville, KY, now has a high-tech, remote connection to the region’s leading neurologists, resulting in quicker treatment for patients experiencing stroke. Jewish Hospital Shelbyville, part of KentuckyOne Health, has partnered with University of Louisville Physicians to provide remote consultations with specialist physicians via a robot. The remote-controlled, mobile robot, connects patients and providers at Jewish Hospital the specialized expertise of UofL School of Medicine faculty members. 

Using the 5-foot, 6-inch tall robot, a neurologist in Louisville can interact and converse with a patient and the patient’s family, physician or nurse in Shelbyville through a live, two-way audio and video feed. The robot is brought to the patient bedside, where trained nurses assist with a hands-on assessment. Using a joystick, the camera, and guidance from 360-degree infrared sensors, the physician can maneuver the robot to see the patient and view vital signs on monitors and charts. 

The remote connection allows the neurology team to conduct real-time assessments of patients who have stroke-like symptoms. They can also consult with on-site physicians on the use of blood thinners and other treatments. When needed, patients can be transported to an accredited stroke center for a higher level of care.

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