Taking Care of Our Own

04/06/20 COVID-19 ,   Latest updates

The COVID-19 pandemic is scary and unpredictable. At CommonSpirit Health, we’re committed to bringing our ‘A’ game, and our #healthcareheroes do not disappoint.

The response to COVID-19 from our amazing physicians, nurses, respiratory techs, and other caregivers has been nothing short of inspiring. And we have made it our top priority to make sure they feel supported and stay healthy during this difficult time.

  • Following CDC protocols: Throughout CommonSpirit care centers, we are following strict safety protocols established by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with regard to personal protective equipment. We’re offering regular training on infection control procedures so that our teams know when PPE is required and how to use it correctly.
  • The stress that comes with caring for very ill patients can be overwhelming. Our wonderful team of mission leaders are providing opportunities for respite and reflection every day, including this handy checklist of steps to take at the end of a shift to de-stress.
  • In a growing number of locations, we have introduced an onsite “grocery store” so that front line staff can pick up personal and immediate family needs without having to make additional stops. The pop-up stores sell eggs, milk, produce, proteins, ready prepared meals, and short-supply items such as certain paper products and hand sanitizer. The stores were first opened in CommonSpirit Health’s Arizona Division and have been well received, reaching over 1,000 employees and medical staff each day. “I don’t have to make another stop at the store, which means I am being exposed to less people,” said Rebecca, a registered nurse in the mother/baby unit.

We can’t take care of our community without taking care of our own, and we’re privileged to support these heroes every day.

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