CommonSpirit Partners with Premier for Domestic Supply of PPE

06/03/20 COVID-19 ,   Latest updates

CommonSpirit Health has partnered with Premier Inc., a leading health care improvement organization, to acquire a minority stake in Prestige Ameritech, the largest domestic manufacturer of face masks, including N95 respirators and surgical masks. The partnership provides CommonSpirit with an additional, U.S.-based supplier of the personal protective equipment (PPE) needed by employees caring for patients with COVID-19.

Most PPE is sourced overseas, with approximately 80% coming from China and Southeast Asia. The risks associated with this over-reliance on Asia came into focus with the COVID-19 pandemic as nations closed their borders, contributing to PPE shortages. Prestige Ameritech represents a primarily domestic supply chain, drawing on raw materials and production capabilities in the U.S. Prestige also conducts 100% of its business with U.S. customers.

“This partnership not only creates more resilience in the supply chain, but helps provide our workforce with the supplies it needs to stay safe, healthy and able to deliver quality care to the patients that count on us,” said Dan DeLay, Senior Vice President for Supplies and Services Management at CommonSpirit.

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