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We make a difference in the lives of people — not just caring for people when they are ill, but also partnering with them in their goal to develop and maintain healthy, vibrant lives. Fulfilling such a sacred mission calls for exceptional people, our CHI employees.

CHI wouldn’t be a national leader in health care without outstanding, committed and caring employees. Our Promise to employees is a meaningful partnership — one that joins them in the pursuit of their best whole self. This is the spirit behind imagine your best self, our internal initiative inspiring employees to be and do their best at work and in life. Employees make up our unique inspirational culture - a place where employees have jobs that appeal to their minds, hearts and souls. We believe the online resources below will help us stay informed, connected, and fuel our commitment towards excellence, growth and service.

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Employee App

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Building our family

Often, our exceptional employees come to us through recommendations or referrals from our current teams. Makes sense right? Our talent, teamwork and shared values are some of our biggest strengths. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to refer a friend or former colleague by clicking on the button below. Or, you can tell your contacts about our recruitment portal, so they can search and apply for the perfect fit themselves.

Employee tools

Explore more tools, training and other resources available to CHI employees.  CHI applications require secure remote access (duo). Click here to enroll.


Working here has been one of my best experiences in my life. You've got something to be proud of. And this place? I love it!

- Johnnie Jones, Housekeeping and Environmental Services, KentuckyOne Health