To continually champion the health of the people we serve, and for our own healthy future, our strategy is to excel in clinical and operational performance while advancing personal and community health beyond a traditional acute care focus.

We have four strategic objectives that are shared across our organization:

  • Vibrant Ministry: We will nurture and grow into a vibrant ministry by strengthening our core while responding to the needs of our communities today and tomorrow.
  • Energized Community: We will build and energize our communities by tapping into the passion and expertise of our people and partnering with others who share our commitment to create healthier communities.
  • Exceptional Care: We will give exceptional care by putting the power to always do what’s right into the hands of our people.
  • Distinctive Value: We will create distinctive value by caring for the whole person and whole community in new and inventive ways.

We track our progress in achieving our plan regularly:


  • New Consumers: We will increase the number of new consumers touched by our health system.
  • Community Partnerships: We will enhance and create partnerships throughout the markets we serve to improve the health of our communities.
  • Access: We will expand the ways and places consumers can access our care.
  • Equity of Care: We will lead the way in advancing equity of care and reducing disparities for all in our communities.


  • Our Living Our Mission Measures are both a common definition of success for our system and the centerpiece for monitoring and managing performance throughout Catholic Health Initiatives.
  • The Living Our Mission Measures are updated quarterly. The CHI Board of Stewardship Trustees, market boards and leadership teams across the country use them to monitor local and national performance.