Sponsorship Brochure

From 1994 to 1996, 10 congregations of women religious engaged in a dialog that led to the formation of CHI. They envisioned a new model of sponsorship to carry the Catholic health care ministry forward.

Their vision focused on a shared model of sponsorship with equal participation by religious and lay members. This precedent-setting structure made CHI the first Catholic health system to give the laity a sponsorship role in its facilities.

At this time in the evolution of sponsorship, the congregations have transitioned to a role of participation in and support of CHI, as well as influence on the organization’s mission. Influence is a matter of style: for CHI, the style is collegial.

The Participating Congregations of CHI carry out their role through committee appointments, periodic dialogues and participation in key functions. Examples of key opportunities for influence by the Congregations within CHI include:

  • Appointing a Representative
  • Proactive role in advocacy, particularly in cooperation with CHI’s national Advocacy Group
  • Participation in CHI Board committees and other CHI committees

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