MyVoiceMyVote.jpgMy Voice, My Vote is a voluntary, system-wide campaign to encourage all members of the Catholic Health Initiatives family – including members of the communities we serve – to become registered voters, to learn about candidates and issues, and to vote. The campaign is non-partisan and encourages participation in the political process based on each individual’s interests and judgment. Join the campaign and register in time to vote in your state’s primary or caucus, and in the general election on November 8, 2016.

The campaign steps are simple:

Step 1: Register    

Registration Forms and State Voting Information are available on the CHI Advocacy Action Center.

Step 2: Become Informed

Find Your Elections and Candidates on the CHI Advocacy Action Center.

Step 3: VOTE 

Learn more about voting in your state by visiting Nonprofit VOTE.


A My Voice, My Vote toolkit is available at the CHI Advocacy Action Center. The toolkit contains resources that can assist in any organizational or community effort to engage voters. Every vote matters, and every vote counts – so join CHI in the My Voice, My Vote campaign! If you have questions or need assistance, please contact