Do you know:

  • What’s in your organization’s medical equipment inventory?
  • Where all supported medical equipment is located?
  • If your organization’s medical equipment is properly tracked?
  • If you’re in compliance with medical equipment inventory?

If you can’t answer “yes” to these questions, CHI Clinical Engineering Consulting Services can help.

In the health care environment, it’s important to know what medical equipment is supported and what additional equipment resides in your facilities. With a busy workload, medical equipment inventories can quickly become out of date. CHI Clinical Engineering Consulting Services can provide a baseline or refresh your existing inventory to help keep costs down and provide accurate counts for sound financial decision-making.

Medical Equipment Inventory: Brief Synopsis

  • Review all medical equipment in inventory, walk-through of all supported buildings
  • Review all medical equipment records to identify any hidden issues
  • Input all relevant data into our review tool for analytics
  • Review team with extensive knowledge of clinical engineering and medical equipment lifecycle (average review time is one day per every 100 beds)
  • Results presented via in-person meeting with CHI Clinical Engineering Consulting Services leaders

Our clients benefit from:

  • Accurate information to use in making financial decisions on acquisition of medical equipment
  • Accurate medical equipment inventory for regulatory agency reviews
  • Documentation in hard copy or a format that can be uploaded to your existing system
  • Our expertise with strategies to achieve savings, both internal and external
  • Ongoing support as needed from knowledgeable CHI Clinical Engineering Consulting Services staff
  • Our proven track record in the health care industry