Orthopedic surgeons who practice at CHI hospitals are encouraged to innovate locally while enjoying the maximum benefit from organization-wide standardization and shared services.

Currently, orthopedics is focused on the following work:

  • CHI Care Model Development:
    • Design the new CHI Care Model for primary total knee arthroplasty procedures (PTKA) and standardize across CHI markets to provide optimal value, drive costs down, optimize efficiencies, and ensure we are bringing the same level of care to all consumers.
  • Medicare Bundled Payment Programs (BPCI)
    • CHI has approximately 14 facilities at risk in Phase 2 BPCI as of July 1, 2015. This will be our learning lab and training for consumer bundle positioning.
  • Centers of Excellence Designations
  • Performance Measurement across Episode (Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement)
    • The most powerful driver of cost in the long-term is actually good outcomes. Getting patients healthy, faster, with better functionality, is our best strategy to proving value in the next era. We will start measuring the full Episode of Care to fully capture performance.