Do you know:

  • The total spend of your clinical engineering program?
  • The cost of servicing your medical equipment?
  • Whether you have control of your clinical engineering spend?
  • Exactly where your clinical engineering spend is going?

If you can’t answer “yes” to these questions, CHI Clinical Engineering Consulting Services can help. 

Finding ways to control costs and bring savings to your facility is important to you, and it’s important to know where every dollar is going and how it is spent.  CHI Clinical Engineering Consulting Services can help you achieve your goals by bringing the full picture of clinical engineering expenses to the forefront so that the proper strategies can be implemented to bring savings and success.

Financial Review: Brief Synopsis

  • Review all invoices related to clinical engineering
  • Review all other clinical engineering- related expenses
  • Input all relevant data into our review tool for analytics
  • Review team with extensive knowledge of clinical engineering, along with finance background (average review time is two to three weeks)
  • Present findings via in-person meeting with CHI Clinical Engineering Consulting Services leaders

 Our clients benefit from:

  • The information you need to make decisions on saving initiatives and the future of your clinical engineering program
  • A complete picture of all expenses that support medical equipment and a clinical engineering program
  • Documentation to support decisions that improve expenditures
  • Expertise from an industry leader with years of experience developing and implementing internal and external strategies to achieve savings
  • Ongoing support as needed from knowledgeable CHI Clinical Engineering Consulting Services staff
  • Our proven track record in the health care industry