Globe-Environmental.gifSince its founding, CHI has been committed to environmental responsibility.  CHI strives to demonstrate how faith-based health ministries can fulfill their obligation to be good stewards of the earth and to ensure a safe, supportive environment for everyone.  CHI’s reverence for the environment calls us to:

  • Conserve
  • Recycle

  • Reduce waste and pollution and energy use

  • Promote energy-efficient technologies

  • Eliminate toxins

  • Use environmentally preferable purchasing.

As one example of CHI’s commitment to the environment, the organization stopped purchasing bottled water for its national offices due to growing environmental concerns. Of the estimated 2.7 million tons of plastic used each year to make water bottles, only about 20% of these bottles are recycled. What is more, while bottled water companies exercise a growing control over supplies, more than one billion people globally do not have access to safe drinking water.

Advocacy QuoteIn 2008, CHI was among three Catholic health systems to win a grant from the National Religious Partnership for the Environment and the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change to raise awareness about global climate change.  The educational campaign was another major step toward environmental stewardship by CHI and the Catholic health ministry.  From the grant and educational campaign, a 26-page booklet was produced titled Faithfully Healing the Earth: Catholic Health Care and Climate Change.

Environmental champions across CHI – from Reading, PA, to Tacoma, WA – are raising awareness of how environmental responsibility helps to reinforce our mission to build healthier communities. How we treat our environment affects us and those who come after us.

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