A clinically integrated network is a network of providers, facilities and ancillary services collaborating to improve and maintain the health of the people in their communities.

Catholic Health Initiatives has partnered its affiliated hospitals with its employed physicians and community providers in 12 states to form networks of care that can provide the full spectrum of services to health plans and employers. 

Locations of CHI's Clinically Integrated Networks


Our Clinically Integrated Network Approach Provides Benefits For Everyone in the Health Care Spectrum - Consumers, Physicians, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, and Employers:

  • Offer high quality, integrated, comprehensive healthcare services and benefits of a “patient centered medical home”
  • Identify and measure best practices, improve patient outcomes
  • Partnering with others who share goals of supporting health and wellness, offering better quality and cost efficiency
  • Reducing overall costs of care through preventative care, proactive medical management, financial rewards for positive clinical outcomes and achieve pay-for-performance targets

If you enroll in one of CHI’s Clinically Integrated Networks, you:

  • Benefit from a holistic approach to health care by:

o   Establishing a relationship and ongoing dialog with care providers

o   Wellness updates and reminders for important preventative care appointments

o   Seamless and efficient care coordination with multiple providers when needed

  • Are encouraged to be engaged, informed and shared responsibility for your health and well being
  • Will receive the right care at the right time in the right place with better communication and coordination

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