The vision for the Center for Clinical Research’s oncology research program is a robust clinical trial portfolio to increase access to experimental medicine for CHI’s care providers and patients in the communities we serve.

CHI Institute for Research and Innovation is one of the 34 awardees of the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Program grant (NCORP). The Center for Clinical Research works closely with CHI Cancer Centers across the country to build the CHI Oncology Research Alliance.

This committed network of CHI cancer centers covers a broad geography and a diverse population in urban, suburban and rural settings.

These Cancer Centers collectively have experience in conducting Phase I, II and III clinical research trials. Accrual rates to cancer clinical trials vary from 3% to 25% across our accredited sites.

In addition to our proven track record in clinical research, some of our sites participate in cancer delivery research.

Numerous CHI Cancer Centers participated in the National Community Cancer Center Program (NCCCP) and collaborated with the National Cancer Institute on these studies as part of their program. The CIRI Oncology Research Alliance also participates in the NCORP Cancer Care Delivery program, specific trials on the delivery of cancer care.

CHI’s Oncology Research Network is also interested in cancer disparities research.

For us, eliminating health care disparities and achieving health equity for our patients and the communities we serve are matters of social justice.

Participating in cancer disparities research is one more way that we fulfill our mission and demonstrates our commitment to pursuing equity in health care quality and access for all those we serve.

We have put in place several initiatives that serve disparate populations at our cancer centers including: nurse navigation programs with data collection for barriers to care and patient needs, interpreters, informed consent in languages other than English, and outreach coordinators.

In many cases, an experimental therapeutic is the next line of treatment for a recurrent patient with cancer.

We recognize that the advances in understanding the biology of cancer has revolutionized treatment in the last decade, but much of the knowledge is still being tested in clinical trials.

The Center for Clinical Research works with major pharmaceutical companies to put into place premier partnerships that include networked access to CHI sites. Our collective goal is to be a top network site for recruitment, quality data, and fast study start-up.

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