October 2001

Leadership Letter from Patricia A. Cahill, JD

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Dear Catholic Health Initiatives Family:

Though weeks have passed since the tragic events of September 11, the pain of that reality remains with us. We grieve for the senseless loss of innocent lives, for all those who lost a friend or loved one, for those whose livelihoods are now threatened, for those who toil day after day in the heartbreaking ruins. We also feel pride and gratitude for all those who have given something of themselves to help the victims. I know that many of you, individually or on behalf of your organizations, have provided support to the nation’s relief efforts. On behalf of all of us, Catholic Health Initiatives has donated $15,000 to Catholic Charities’ National Disaster Fund.

Many commentators say that the events of September 11 were of such magnitude that our lives will never be the same. But, exactly how our lives and our work will change remains to be seen. Proximity to our families and friends seems paramount right now. Something that may help all of us cope is to remember the core values of our organization: Reverence, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence. If we demonstrate these values each day, in all of our interactions, we are truly giving the best that we have to the work that is before us and to the world in which we live. While the world seems less predictable than it was just a few weeks ago, the power of our core values remains a certainty.

Let us pray for all those affected by the violence of September 11. May we find peace in our hearts, our nation and our world.