April 2000

Gallup Selected for Employee and Physician Satisfaction Surveys

Catholic Health Initiatives has selected The Gallup Organization as its vendor for employee and physician satisfaction surveys due to the firm’s extensive research on employee and physician loyalty and how it translates into productivity, customer satisfaction, retention and profitability for health care organizations. Last year, Catholic Health Initiatives assembled two solution teams comprised of national and market-based organization staff to evaluate research firms that would provide follow-up consulting and training based on research results and, as a preferred provider, would provide the best value. Both solution teams selected Gallup. Workplace assessments of employee satisfaction Gallup has analyzed human behavior, attitudes and opinions for more than 60 years. In 1998 the company conducted a meta-analysis, asking one million employees and 80,000 "great" managers more than 100 million questions to determine what conditions define a "great place to work" and contribute to employee loyalty. Then, Gallup used correlation analysis to determine which questions best identify the drivers of employee loyalty. The questions that emerged, known as the "Q12," are the best predictors of employee satisfaction and business outcomes, including customer satisfaction, profitability, staff retention and productivity. "Within the next few years, Catholic Health Initiatives plans to require market-based organizations to measure employee satisfaction as part of their balanced scorecard measures," said Diane Gage, vice president of customer and market strategy. "Therefore, we are contracting with Gallup for a multi-year partnership to assess employee satisfaction and loyalty. All market-based organizations that conduct employee satisfaction surveys will be asked to use the Catholic Health Initiatives/Gallup Workplace Assessment, and we will also build a national database for the Workplace Assessment." To request an informational meeting via telephone or to schedule a survey with Gallup, contact your national human resources vice president, who can work with you to ensure the survey’s success. Gallup will send each interested market-based organization a starter kit that includes a video overview of the Workplace Assessment, a sample questionnaire, a sample report, a copy of the book First, Break All the Rules and a manager’s workbook. Measuring physician satisfaction Gallup recently interviewed 2,000 physicians to identify drivers of physician loyalty. The researchers found that physicians’ communications and relationships with hospital administration, nurses, ancillary staff, support services and other physicians are important to their loyalty. Issues such as office location, managed care contracting, continuing medical education, patient preferences, hospital specialization and amenities also impact physician loyalty. Gallup’s physician survey can help market-based organizations determine physician perception of communications and relationships with key constituents; their satisfaction with key departments and services and, if their ratings are low, the specific reasons why; and the degree of physician loyalty based on admission percentages, referral patterns and patient perception of satisfaction with the hospital. Surveys are conducted via telephone. "While market-based organizations are not currently required to conduct physician/provider satisfaction surveys, within a few years Catholic Health Initiatives may ask market-based organizations to conduct medical staff opinion surveys," said Gage. "These surveys would be conducted on a regular basis, probably at least every two years. Market-based organizations that are already planning to initiate physician/ provider satisfaction surveys should use The Gallup Organization to do so." In addition to the Physician Satisfaction Survey, a satisfaction survey tool for physician office staff leaders, such as an office manager or head nurse, is available from Gallup.