February 2001

Summit Meeting Outcomes

Feedback from the attendees of the summit meeting hosted by Catholic Health Initiatives’ Integrative Health Care Advisory Council is summarized below: Definition: Catholic Health Initiatives’ definition of integrative health care as a personalized, comprehensive and collaborative approach to care is congruent and consistent with the organization’s mission and core values. Philosophy: Catholic Health Initiatives’ philosophical approach to integrative health care requires the support of senior leadership and integration with other organization-wide initiatives such as service excellence and leadership development. Focus: The focus of integrative health care should be meeting customer needs through personalized care that is connected to Catholic Health Initiatives’ mission, values and service excellence processes. Implementation: The implementation of integrative health care should be customized for each market-based organization that has achieved a level of readiness. Resources: Catholic Health Initiatives will provide education and training resources for market-based organizations that are ready to proceed.