December 2000

Meet the Leader of The Maria-Joseph Center, Dayton, Ohio

12-00langdon Photo

Bonnie Langdon
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Maria-Joseph Center,
Dayton, Ohio

For Bonnie Langdon, president and chief executive officer of The Maria-Joseph Center, Catholic sponsorship is an important aspect of being part of Catholic Health Initiatives. "Residents and employees come here specifically to live and work in a Catholic culture," she said.

The Maria-Joseph Center is part of Premier Health Partners, a joint operating agreement between Catholic Health Initiatives and MedAmerica Health Systems Corporation. The center has 440 beds and provides seven levels of care. Langdon has been with The Maria-Joseph Center for 20 years. "I was originally hired as a consultant to write a grant proposal," she said. "The proposal was funded and they asked me to come on board to implement the funded program. I agreed to do it for one year because I didn’t want to work in a nursing home. I loved it, and I stayed around until they made me president."

Health care is a second career for Langdon, who spent years studying, teaching and doing graduate work. She has a master’s degree in behavioral science from Wright State University in Dayton and has done post-graduate studies at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, and Duke University, Durham, N.C. Ohio’s governor just appointed her to sit on the Board of Trustees at Wright State, where she is also an assistant clinical professor, a voluntary position, in the School of Medicine’s Department of Community Health.

Langdon has received a variety of awards for her citizenship and leadership, the most recent being the Distinguished Leadership Award for 2000 from the National Association for Community Leadership. One of her many community projects is Clothes That Work, which provides women coming off public assistance with business clothing and coaching for job interviews.

Many attendees of Catholic Health Initiatives’ national conferences have met Langdon’s husband, Gib, who recently retired and is now a consultant to higher education. The Langdons have two grown daughters and five grandchildren.

"I’m one of the luckiest people in the world," said Langdon. "I love our staff, I love the people we care for and I get to do what I love every day. And the work we do is very important – our elders deserve our very best."