May/June 2000

Penrose Community Hospital, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Penrose Community Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colo., began its long history in 1890 as the Glockner Tuberculosis Sanatorium. The name was changed to the Glockner-Penrose Hospital in 1947, as suggested by Marie Gwynne Glockner in recognition of the generous contributions of Spencer and Julie Penrose. Twelve years later, upon the dedication of the 12-level bed tower, Mrs. Glockner suggested that the name be changed to Penrose Community Hospital as a tribute to Julie Penrose, who had contributed substantially toward the building project. Major building projects during the past 25 years have provided new surgery facilities, intensive care and coronary care units, an ambulatory care center, an emergency department and a new cancer center. Currently, the Penrose Cancer Center is an approved site for the STAR trial, a national trial which compares the drug tamoxifen to raloxifene for the prevention of breast cancer. The electrophysiology laboratory in the Penrose Heart Center is an intracardiac echocardiography teaching site, one of very few sites in the country that offer this method of treating rhythm disturbances in the heart.