March 2000

Leadership Letter from Ruth W. Brinkley, CHE
Senior Vice President,
Performance Management

0300WilliamsBrinkley Photo

Ruth W. Brinkley

Dear Catholic Health Initiatives Family: When I was recently asked to define Catholic Health Initiatives’ performance management initiative, I realized that the definition truly begins with the core values of our organization. The value of reverence calls us to commit ourselves to community service, the building of healthy communities and the care of the whole person in body, mind and spirit. However, we cannot accomplish those things without good stewardship of our resources, which our performance management initiative will help to achieve. Our market-based organizations must have positive operating performance in order to ensure the margin required to carry out our mission. The value of integrity calls us to have honesty in our communications. The national performance management team incorporates this value into our initiative through open communications with market-based organization leaders, clinicians and staff. We work together, with candor and honesty, to identify opportunities and set goals for performance improvement. We respect the talent and commitment of market-based chief executive officers and management teams and work in true partnership with them. The value of compassion calls us to treat others as we wish to be treated. Accordingly, our performance management initiative seeks to recognize and build on improvement efforts that our market-based organizations already have in place. We can help each market-based organization add a new or different structure, set more specific outcomes or better assign responsibilities, but we always do so with respect for the efforts that have already been expended. In addition, we respect the differences between market-based organizations. Some are sole providers or the clear provider of choice in their markets, while others must strive to differentiate themselves from competitors. Some have felt the impact of deep managed care penetration, others have been lightly touched by the trend. All of these characteristics and more are taken into account as we work together for performance improvement. And finally, the value of excellence calls us to be sure that we provide each market-based organization with successful performance management tools and techniques so that, eventually, they won’t need the services of the national team. Our goal is to help market-based organizations incorporate continuous performance improvement into their cultures. When each organization sets and achieves performance management goals right along with their other business and service goals, the performance management initiative will have achieved its desired outcome. Our performance management initiative is young, and it will take time to realize its full potential. However, with the firm foundation of our values, we can be confident that we will achieve the goal we seek: the building of a stronger Catholic Health Initiatives through stronger market-based organizations. Ruth W. Brinkley, CHE