March 2000

Moving to the Top in Patient Satisfaction Ratings

Catholic Health Initiatives’ Service Excellence Best Practice Forum for the second quarter of 2000 will feature Liz Jazwiec, RN, a consultant and nationally recognized speaker on customer and employee satisfaction. All interested individuals are invited to participate in the teleconference forum, which will be held in a morning session on April 17 and again in two sessions on April 20.

Jazwiec, a former emergency room director, promotes a practical approach to dealing with the difficult issues facing health care organizations today. She has shared strategies for building cultures in which high employee satisfaction drives customer service with more than 300 organizations, including Holy Cross Hospital in Chicago, Ill. While at Holy Cross, Jazwiec helped the hospital move from the single-digitpercentile to the 90th percentile of a national patient satisfaction survey database.

Jazwiec will speak about simple, easy-to-implement ways to make the health care environment more fulfilling and rewarding for employees, resulting in more satisfied customers. She has been a featured presenter at several of the Recommitment Assemblies held by Catholic Health Initiatives’ market-based organizations to launch service excellence initiatives. Her insights, practical advice and humor have received excellent reviews from market-based organization staff and management.