February 2000

Partnership with HCIA-Sachs Provides Internet-based Tools for Integrated Strategic/Financial Planning

Catholic Health Initiatives has formed an exclusive strategic partnership with HCIA-Sachs (formerly Sachs Group) that gives all market-based organizations access to the health data management firm’s Internet-based tools for market information and strategic/financial planning. "Our goals in establishing this relationship are to reduce costs, increase access and productivity and standardize inputs to our integrated strategic/financial planning process," said Bob Cook, vice president of strategic planning for Catholic Health Initiatives. The new partnership includes four basic components:
  • Market-based organization leaders now have access to "client only" portions of the HCIA-Sachs Web site, located at www.sachs.com.
  • HCIA-Sachs has established a support team responsible for the firm’s relationship with Catholic Health Initiatives. Team members include Laurie Potter Macmillan, vice president for national accounts, at 773/549-0461 or lpotter@sachs.com; and Erik Simshauser, national service account manager, at 503/241-7380 or esimshauser@sachs.com. Market-based organizations can also call the HCIA-Sachs HelpLine at 800/366-7526.
  • HCIA-Sachs is building individual "datamarts" for every market area in which Catholic Health Initiatives’ market-based organizations operate. "This data will enable market-based organization leaders to conduct detailed market analyses and develop presentation-ready maps and graphs on line," said Cook.
  • Market-based organization leaders can also obtain access to the Astro Sachs Datamart, which provides detailed market demand information for the entire nation in spreadsheet form.
"Market-based organizations will find these tools to be both beneficial and easy to use," said Cook. "We also want to work with HCIA-Sachs to continually improve this service, so suggestions are welcome."