December 2013

Critical Access Hospital Leaders Meet with Congressional Delegations

Thirteen leaders from critical access hospitals (CAHs) across CHI met with senators and representatives in Washington, D.C., to urge them to protect CAHs in upcoming legislation and regulations. The CHI leaders asked their congressional delegations to oppose further cuts to CAH payments, including proposals to reduce CAH reimbursement from 101% to 100% of costs; decertify CAHs within 10-15 miles of another hospital or CAH; and eliminate reimbursement for Medicare bad debt. They also urged legislators to reject the Office of Inspector General’s recommendation to eliminate CAH status for all “necessary provider” CAHs that do not meet distance requirements from the nearest hospital; and, to prevent the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services from implementing its proposal to require direct physician supervision of CAH outpatient therapies in 2014.
CHI leaders also asked for support of House and Senate resolutions (H.Res.356/
S.Res.26) that recognize the importance of rural hospitals to their communities; and for the bipartisan “Protecting Access to Rural Therapy Services Act” (H.R.2801/S.1143) legislation that would address the physician supervision concerns of CAHs.

MN-hospital-presidents-with-Amy-Klobuchar-WEB Photo