December 2013

Next Era of Healthy Communities Campaign has Broad Reach

CHI's systemwide communication campaign to inform and engage internal stakeholders in "The Next Era of Healthy Communities" has reached more than 43,000 CHI employees, physicians, board members and other internal stakeholders. CHI’s preparation for the new ways health care will be provided, evaluated and paid for in the post-reform era requires every member of the CHI family to adopt a new view of the future.

CHI is reinventing itself for the Next Era of Healthy Communities by:

  • Applying its strengths as a system. Examples include initiatives that take advantage of CHI's size and shared resources, such as redesigning primary care practices as Patient Centered Medical Homes.
  • Boldly redesigning the way we do things. For example, CHI has taken a completely new approach to revenue cycle management through its partnership with Conifer.
  • Launching new programs and services never imagined before. Not long ago, no one would have expected CHI to become a provider of Medicare Advantage plans or physician practice management services, but CHI is investing in both of those lines of business.
  • Putting consumers at the heart of everything. To create optimal health, care needs to be delivered where and when consumers need it: even in their own living rooms, which is where patients in some markets can now access CHI's virtual health services via their smartphones or computers.

CHI’s leaders have taken responsibility for illuminating the journey to the Next Era, helping all of CHI's people make sense of the change and their role in it.

The Next Era of Healthy Communities campaign increases understanding of the changes taking place in health care; how CHI is embracing change and advancing the ministry; and the context and rationale for CHI’s priorities, decisions and actions. The next phase will deepen understanding and acceptance of the campaign’s messages so they can be fully and sustainably integrated into CHI’s daily operations.