May 2013

CHI Connect Reaches Major Milestone

One of the largest projects ever undertaken by CHI has reached a milestone: all of CHI’s original organizations, plus some that have joined the system in the past few years, are now linked by CHI Connect, CHI’s business services and technology for standardized core business functions. These functions support daily activities in human resources, supply chain, payroll, procurement, accounting and accounts payable, including expense reporting, time and attendance, invoicing, patient refunds, and more.

“It’s been a terrific journey,” said Pete Katsampes, vice president of CHI Connect Support Centers. “CHI Connect's success can be attributed to the passion for excellence shown by leaders in our local markets and our CHI functional support teams. Their skills and commitment have turned CHI Connect into a leading shared services model in the health care industry.”

Katsampes joined CHI in 2006, soon after the first pilots of CHI Connect went live. “It was a ‘perfect storm’ of change,” he said. “The CHI Connect technology, business processes, data requirements and support centers were all new, and I can’t say enough about the outstanding commitment of the employees involved.”

Lessons learned from early implementation work prompted a process improvement initiative. “By late 2007, enough employees were on CHI Connect that we could no longer manually fix issues as they came up,” said Katsampes. “In early 2008, we took three months to identify, document and redesign what we needed to improve in the technology, and in the training and implementation processes. We also created a system of advisory councils with representatives from around the organization that proved to be extremely helpful. The pause helped smooth every subsequent implementation and led to much-improved outcomes.”

Currently, 52,000 CHI employees are on CHI Connect. That will increase to approximately 70,000 during the next year, as CHI’s newest members – such as Alegent Creighton Health and the University of Louisville Medical Center – are added. The monthly flow of work through CHI Connect includes:

  • 30,000 HR interactions, with 98% of transactions handled through self-service tools
  • 120,000 invoices, patient refunds and expense reports, with a 99% online approval rate
  • 160,000 supply items, with a 97% purchase order price-matching rate
  • 105,000 paychecks, with off-cycle pay corrections reduced to 1%

Katsampes and his team are now developing the next generation of CHI Connect functionality. “We’re moving toward more advanced and user-friendly technology,” he said. “Employees can expect new portals for accounts payable, time and attendance, and HR self-service activities. We’ll continue to develop and enhance the capabilities of CHI Connect to serve and support our employees, business partners and CHI's mission.”