February/March 2013

Business Intelligence Evolves: Now Enterprise Intelligence

CHI's Business Intelligence team is becoming the Enterprise Intelligence team. "The enterprise intelligence model is key to realizing our vision for the Next Era of Healthy Communities, as well as Clinical and Operational Excellence within CHI," said Michael Rowan, CHI's chief operating officer and executive vice president. "The data this team will capture and analyze will help us see, plan for and respond to the present and future health of the communities depending on us."

Enterprise intelligence analyzes historical and real-time data to help the organization make better decisions in the future. This ability is critical because of the rapidly changing health care environment.

CHI's existing Business Intelligence program and that of its newest market-based organization – Alegent Creighton Health – are being combined into one to blend their strengths and expertise. The team will be led by Evon Holladay and Jim Reichert, PhD, MD, under the overall direction of Stephen Moore, MD, senior vice president and chief medical officer for CHI. Holladay is currently vice president of business intelligence for CHI; Reichert is joining CHI from Alegent Creighton Health. Integration will take place during the coming year.