February/March 2013

CHI Partners with Universities for Online Degrees

Many CHI employees have career goals that involve higher education. Unfortunately, some areas of the country have limited access to bachelor's or master's degree programs. To help employees reach their goals, CHI created the Degree Advancement program by partnering with institutions that offer online programs to make it easier and more affordable to go back to school.

"There are a lot of hospitals in our organization that may not have a university in their backyard and these online programs eliminate this issue. We performed an educational needs assessment and found that people are interested in many different degrees," said Pat Patton, RN, vice president, clinical innovation and leadership development at CHI. "These colleges and universities offer bachelor's and master's degrees in a variety of programs that employees may not be able to get in their communities."

Tuition reimbursement is available for employees pursuing college degrees. In addition, the colleges and universities that participate in the Degree Advancement program offer discounts to CHI employees.

CHI also has a partnership with GlobalHealth Education, a firm that helps CHI employees select a school and course of study. The GlobalHealth staff is knowledgeable about the education industry and paths for advancement. They also will reach out to CHI's partner schools to explore pricing options.

The schools that participate in the Degree Advancement program are accredited institutions that offer degrees and graduate certificates. The participating institutions include: Drexel University Online; Grand Canyon University; Georgetown University; DeVry; the University of Phoenix; and Mercy College of Health Sciences, a CHI affiliate.