December 2012

Donated Equipment Shipped to Hanoi Hospital

Approximately $1 million worth of hospital equipment from the former St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver was shipped to Hanoi, Vietnam, for use at Bach Mai, a 2,000-bed hospital that is the “sister” of the St. Anthony hospitals. St. Anthony Central closed last year after moving to a new facility a few miles to the west.

Carl Bartecchi, MD, a Colorado physician who oversees a training program for physicians and nurses at Bach Mai, led an effort to raise approximately $300,000 to transport the more than 50 tons of equipment to Hanoi. The equipment included hospital beds, blood pressure cuffs, surgical tools, operating tables, ventilators and gurneys.

Financial support was provided by CHI, which has also granted more than $650,000 from the Mission and Ministry Fund to the Bach Mai Hospital Project, a nonprofit program led by Bartecchi. Supporters also include physicians at St. Anthony; air freight company Chapman Freeborn, which reduced the cost of the flight to Hanoi; the St. Anthony Health Foundation; Mayo Clinic; Michigan State University Medical Center; the McCaw Foundation; and private donors.