October/November 2012

CHI Establishes IT Technical Services Partnership

CHI has established a partnership with Wipro, a global leader in consulting and technology services, for the provision of informational technology technical services. This decision follows an extensive discernment process to evaluate ethical, religious and social justice issues, along with an evaluation of prudent business decisions. Wipro was selected for its ability to reduce costs, deliver quality service, and cultural and mission compatibility with CHI.

This partnership allows CHI to take advantage of the specialized capabilities and resources of an industry leader in technology services. Wipro’s infrastructure investments allow for a redesign of technical services that will save CHI $42 million over five years. In addition, this redesign will result in expanded use of automation and virtualization for tasks that CHI has begun, but which will take more capital than available to implement.

Transition planning has begun for help desk, client computing, data center/servers and network functions. This work will transition to Wipro in a phased approach. Some CHI employees will be offered the opportunity to transition to Wipro.

The partnership with Wipro is part of CHI's transformative action to ensure that its resources are focused on its mission and vision of building healthy communities.To preserve and further its ministry, CHI must close an expense/revenue gap of $2 billion over the next five years.