September 2012

Certification of Facilities Managers

CHI’s achievement of a significant goal in facilities management – to have every facilities director complete the requirements to be designated a Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM) – is featured on the cover of the Summer 2012 issue of Inside ASHE, a publication of the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE).

Dale Woodin, executive director of ASHE, said CHI may be the only large health system in the U.S. to achieve this level of professional certification among its facility managers.

Skip Smith, vice president of integrated supply chain, clinical engineering and facility management for CHI, said that health care is often cited as the third most difficult industry from a facilities management perspective because of the number of regulations. Smith also said that CHI set a goal of certifying the entire national facilities team to distinguish its facilities management program and to help individual managers recognize their own knowledge and skills.