August 2012

Revitalized My Healthy Spirit Presents

First launched in January 2012, CHI’s My Healthy Spirit website has been revitalized and reintroduced to CHI employees. The website presents information employees need in order to benefit from Healthy Spirit, CHI’s ongoing initiative to help employees achieve physical, emotional and financial wellness.

Healthy Spirit programs were introduced in 2010 and focus on:

  • The employee health plan, including access to affordable health care.
  • Wellness and lifestyle management programs.
  • Basic needs wages to ensure that employees can provide for their daily necessities.
  • Opportunities to improve financial well-being in retirement.

The My Healthy Spirit website provides easy, convenient access to information about all of these programs.

The refreshed My Healthy Spirit site, launched Aug. 1, also reflects enhancements to Healthy Spirit programs. “CHI’s benefits team wanted to enhance Healthy Spirit’s wellness programs to not only reward employees who improve their health, but to help more employees take the necessary steps,” said Audrey Schoeppner, manager of employee communications.

“Claims analysis shows that CHI’s employees as a whole are more stressed, more overweight and dealing with more chronic conditions than they should be,” said Stephanie Marshall, senior manager of employee wellness and productivity. “If we can help employees improve their health, it will benefit them individually and benefit our entire employee community. With new challenges in health care and so many patients and communities that need our help, we need healthy employees.”

The new My Healthy Spirit site focuses on wellness opportunities, including activities that employees can try and tools they can use to track and measure their results. Less than 24 hours after it was relaunched, My Healthy Spirit received a record number of visitors – nearly 25,000 unique visitors, or more than a third of CHI employees – passing the previous record of approximately 17,000 unique visitors in a day.

To reinforce the information on My Healthy Spirit, all CHI locations and facilities have selected Wellness Champions to help employees put Healthy Spirit into action. “Wellness Champions can lead the development of organized activities to promote wellness, such as employee walking groups, exercise classes and wellness challenges,” said Marshall. “They will also take the lead on introducing new, fun fitness tools throughout the next year.”

Currently, the My Healthy Spirit site provides information on the Healthy Spirit Dash, which encourages employees to take action to improve wellness and earn $200 off their CHI Medical Plan costs for 2013. Employees must complete three of five suggested wellness activities, such as living in a tobacco-free household, seeing a doctor for a preventive care visit, participating in the Healthy Spirit Dash or completing four sessions with a health coach.

“Individual effort by employees is essential to Healthy Spirit, but so is leadership support,” said Patricia Webb, senior vice president and chief human resources officer. “Making employee wellness a daily event requires a cultural shift, and we’re on our way to achieving that. The result will be a healthier employee community that’s in great shape to improve the health of the communities CHI serves.”