May 2012

My Healthy Spirit Launches Across CHI

My Healthy Spirit – a new website where employees can find personalized information about their pay, benefits, retirement and wellness – is now available to all CHI locations that use CHI Connect, effective May 22. My Healthy Spirit is a convenient, easy-to-navigate website with frequent content updates to keep employees engaged in their total wellness. Employees at sites that participated in the pilot phase of My Healthy Spirit – including the national office; St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton, OR; CHI Nebraska; and Memorial Health Care System, Chattanooga, TN – provided valuable feedback prior to the systemwide rollout.

Employees can access My Healthy Spirit through CHI’s intranet, Inside CHI. The information available via My Healthy Spirit includes:

  • Tools that employees can use to track their progress on retirement savings
  • The total value of the employee’s CHI compensation and benefits (based on the past year)
  • Articles about how to make the best use of CHI-provided benefits
  • Tips to help employees achieve physical and financial health goals
  • One-stop access to information from CHI’s wellness, fitness and investment partners

CHI locations that are not currently on CHI Connect will have access to My Healthy Spirit when they implement CHI Connect. In addition, My Healthy Spirit is not yet available to KentuckyOne Health locations.