October 2011

Introducing CHI’s Social Media Policy

CHI’s Board of Stewardship Trustees has approved a new social media policy for the entire system. This policy is now in effect for all employees, including contracted and temporary employees, as well as volunteers and trainees. It covers the use of social media at work and away from work when an individual’s relationship to CHI is known, identified or presumed. Highlights of the policy include:

  • Social media use must comply with CHI’s Standards of Conduct, core values and all other policies, and cannot interfere with work or violate any laws. 
  • Social media may not be used to disclose confidential information, post non-protected statements or engage in activity that is illegal or inconsistent with CHI’s Standards of Conduct or Core Values.
  • CHI-issued email accounts may not be used for non-work-related social media activities.
  • An employee cannot use social media to speak on behalf of CHI, unless the employee is an authorized spokesperson.
  • Employees must obtain written approval to use CHI photos or videos in social media.
  • Social media may be used for appropriate, business-related purposes per MBO policies and procedures.
  • The creation of CHI social media sites must be approved by communications/marketing.
  • Posts made to CHI social media sites become the property of CHI.