July 2011

iSAEC and Center for Translational Research Collaborate

The International Serious Adverse Event Consortium (iSAEC) is collaborating with CHI's Center for Translational Research (CTR), Towson, MD, to enroll subjects in research to identify genetic markers that may help predict risk associated with a range of drug-related serious adverse events (SAEs).

The collaboration will build research cohorts associated with the genetics of three drug-induced SAEs: hepatoxicity, serious skin rashes and acute hypersensitivity syndrome. It will also provide a foundation for SAENet, a new research initiative being developed by the iSAEC. SAENet will be a network of large teaching and community hospitals that will secure cases for biomedical research into the genetic basis of adverse drug responses. The first phase of the iSAEC and CTR collaboration will last approximately 24 months.

"The CTR is excited to work with iSAEC on such an important project," said Jeffrey Otto, PhD, national director of the Center for Translational Research. "Serious adverse events are real and often life-threatening problems. Initiatives like this one clearly support our objective of bringing state-of-the-art research to patients in our communities."

The CTR is a business unit of the CHI Institute for Research and Innovation, which supports translational research activity within CHI's hospitals.