June 2011

CHI Forms Office of Grants

CHI has formed an Office of Grants to increase the market-based organizations' opportunities to secure and manage federal funding through coordinated grant application and administration processes. Increasing the grant awards received by CHI facilities is an important part of CHI's growth strategy.

The Office of Grants is a virtual office that is a joint effort of the CHI Foundation and the national Finance Group. The office will be overseen by the CHI Grants Steering Committee.

CHI worked with Ernst & Young to review federal grant activity within CHI and make recommendations for improvement. Recommendations to support expansion of federal grant-related activities include enhancements to:

  • Tracking process for federal grant opportunities and awards
  • Written policies, procedures and flowcharts for the administration of federal grant awards.
  • Lines of authority for making decisions about proposals, award administration and audit responsibilities.
  • Tracking funds related to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which have specific accounting requirements.
  • Reviews of the terms and conditions of government awards before applications are submitted.

The Office of Grants will pilot a new accounting module for CHI Connect in three locations - Saint Joseph Health System of Kentucky; Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines, IA; and the CHI Institute for Research and Innovation - by early July. This module is designed to identify and segregate costs for government awards, including those related to the ARRA, and facilitate reporting requirements for various grant awards. For more information, contact Monica Strunk of the CHI Foundation or Jerry Francis of the national Finance Group.