May 2011

Teams Reach Goals Through Change Leadership 2.0

Change Leadership 2.0, CHI's new learning model for Change Leadership - piloted in the Fargo Division and at Saint Joseph Health System of Kentucky in 2010 - has been used in an inaugural effort by CHI's national Supply Chain Group to move priority initiatives forward.

Change Leadership 2.0 is different from CHI's first version of Change Leadership training in important ways. "Our original model is completely instructor-led, which is effective for building understanding of Change Leadership tools, but doesn't allow enough time for substantial practice using the tools," said Bob Cook, vice president of human resources and master change agent.

Now, 2.0 uses a blended curriculum to improve learning. A LEARN course, "Introduction to Change Leadership," builds awareness and understanding of Change Leadership concepts and terms. Participants must complete this course before attending a two-day, instructor-led class that is devoted to practice using the tools.

Another important difference in 2.0 is that the original classes were attended by a random mix of leaders from across the system, who would practice applying the tools to fictional "case study" issues. Now, work teams attend training together and work on actual priority issues that they identify. "For the Supply Chain team, that was creating a standard materials management report to be used systemwide," said Cook. "After the training, the team came away with a focused plan. This included responsibilities and timelines for producing standard reports that will be used to improve operational effectiveness."

Steve Kehrberg, senior vice president of supply chain, set an expectation for his team members to complete 2.0 training by including it in their Personal Performance Plans (P3s) for fiscal year 2011. "I believe that effective leaders tap into the talents of their teams while building team members' confidence that, together, they can resolve any issue," said Kehrberg. "Change Leadership 2.0 gave our team the tools to apply our learnings to an actual supply chain problem. Our team came away aligned and energized. Solving one of our problems while enhancing our professional growth was a tremendous plus."

The effectiveness of 2.0 is also proven by measurement. "The blended curriculum of Change Leadership 2.0 brings people into the classroom more prepared," said Cook. "We use the instructor-led time to improve competency and confidence through more practice with the tools, and participants become more effective in their use." For more information about Change Leadership 2.0, contact Bob Cook.