December 2010

CHI Establishes Patient Data Repository


As part of a new information management model that will advance work begun under CHI's recent National Office Review, CHI has established an enterprise patient data repository (PDR). The repository will serve as a single location and source for patient care and financial data from throughout CHI.

"The PDR takes in data from the billing systems of CHI's facilities," said Doug Wickerham, vice president of finance for CHI. "When complete, it will be CHI's one source for reliable patient care and financial data. It will enable CHI leaders and staff to spend less time searching for data and more time using complete, accurate data for decision making."

Patient care and financial data have always been tracked by CHI's facilities, but it has been collected, aggregated and reported in different ways. "Reports pulled from different facilities often did not match up because they were pulled at slightly different times or because the facilities used different definitions for data categories," said Evon Holladay, vice president of business intelligence for CHI. "For example, some admission reports included patients admitted to swing beds and other reports excluded them."

CHI's Data Governance Council, which includes representatives from many national groups and functional areas, works to develop standard definitions for the data that goes into the PDR. CHI's Information Management Council provides coordination and guidance for the development of standard definitions. Overall PDR development is overseen by CHI's Information Oversight Committee, sponsored by Michael Rowan, chief operating officer, and Dean Swindle, chief financial officer.

The PDR began receiving acute patient care data from two pilot sites - Franciscan Health System, Tacoma, Wash., and St. Joseph Regional Health Network, Reading, Pa. - on Oct. 5. By February 2011, the PDR will receive acute patient care data from all CHI market-based organizations and some joint operating agreements. The PDR will be expanded in the future to include non-acute care data.

In addition to reliable data for required reporting and decision making, the PDR will help CHI identify trends. "We'll be able to see population surges in specific patient classifications or procedure types," said Holladay. "That will help our facilities respond appropriately to meet the needs of their patients and communities." For more information, contact Evon Holladay or Doug Wickerham.