July 2010

New CHI Healthy Spirit Programs Focus

CHI Healthy Spirit will begin a new phase of employee benefit program additions and changes this fall. "CHI Healthy Spirit is an effort to help CHI build a healthy workplace and to help employees understand how to live better --- physically, financially, mentally and spiritually," said Herb Vallier, senior vice president and chief human resources officer.

Employees will learn about new programs for health care assistance, retirement savings and personal health through CHI's Spirit magazine, videos and other communications. "It is my hope that through CHI Healthy Spirit we will take care of ourselves and one another so we can be there for our families, our coworkers and the communities that depend on us," said Kevin Lofton, president and chief executive officer.

Lower-income households may qualify for Health Care Assistance Program

Well before health care reform took center stage, CHI began development of its new Health Care Assistance Program. The program will help employees in lower-income households pay for out-of-pocket medical costs. Eligible employees will be enrolled in the Basic 1500 medical plan option and may use the assistance to pay for deductibles, coinsurance, prescriptions, etc.

"All employers are trying to hold down their health care costs. But for us, the discussion started, first and foremost, from the issue of justice," said Tom Kopfensteiner, senior vice president of mission. "What is unique about CHI Healthy Spirit is that it is rooted in the mission of the organization and it does take into account the realities of health care today."

Changes to employee savings plan support retirement goals

Because CHI is committed to giving employees the opportunity to have enough income for retirement, encouragement to save is also part of CHI Healthy Spirit. Last year, CHI reviewed its Employee Savings Plan and chose Fidelity Investments® as the new plan administrator, replacing Great-West Retirement Systems as of January 1, 2011. 

Fidelity Investments offers a simpler, yet comprehensive investment structure that is cost competitive. Employees will have access to investment tools and customer service by phone and online to have their questions about setting and reaching retirement saving goals answered.

To help all employees save for retirement, those who do not currently participate in the Employee Savings Plan will automatically have three percent of each paycheck invested in their retirement savings accounts. Employees may change the amount they save or opt out at any time, if they choose.

Personal Health Assessment includes incentive

CHI's new Personal Health Assessment is a voluntary, confidential, online questionnaire. The results will provide employees with a personal health profile that will help them know their health risks, set goals for change and ask questions of their doctors. Employees also can use the results to guide their participation in CHI's new Personal Wellness Program, which offers health coaching and other support.

CHI employees have an incentive to participate: if they take the Personal Health Assessment between October 1 and November 19, they will receive $100 off their contribution toward the cost of their Catholic Health Initiatives Medical Plan coverage for 2011.

More information is available on the CHI Healthy Spirit pages of Inside CHI.