January 2010

CHI Begins Implementation of Electronic Health Record

CHI is implementing the electronic health record (EHR) product from Allscripts for use by all CHI ambulatory and employed physician practices. Electronic health records enhance patient care by automating clinical workflow and giving physicians immediate access to data from hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, payers and patients. The agreement also provides the opportunity for Allscripts to address the information technology needs of all physicians affiliated with CHI’s facilities. “As CHI moves toward an integrated clinical information technology strategy, it is vital that we have a single, high-quality electronic health record to serve our patients,” said Michael O’Rourke, senior vice president and chief information officer for CHI. The Allscripts EHR will be integrated with CHI’s information technology to enable physicians and other health care professionals to access current patient information and the latest clinical content for real-time decision-making. “An integrated clinical document is essential to achieving our patient safety, quality and physician enterprise growth strategies,” said Stephen Moore, MD, senior vice president and chief medical officer for CHI. “We expect significant improvements in care delivery, as well as patient and provider satisfaction.” The first step in the deployment of the EHR solution is the implementation of an eprescription function, which generates secure electronic prescriptions that are delivered to a patient’s pharmacy of choice. For more information, contact Michael O’Rourke, michaelorourke@catholichealth.net, or Stephen Moore, stephenmoore@catholichealth.net.