November 2009

Relocation of Denver Offices Announced

To bring the entire Denver staff of CHI together and to reduce expenses, CHI will relocate its Denver offices (excluding Denver Meridian North) to 198 Inverness Drive West, Englewood, CO. “We selected the location based on several criteria, including cost/benefit, location amenities, transportation, access for guests and CHI’s image,” said Herb Vallier, chief human resources officer. The new space will initially accommodate 398 employees, with room for growth.

CHI employees are currently located in four buildings in the Denver area: the 1999 Broadway building downtown and three buildings in the Denver Meridian complex in Englewood. CHI owns the Denver Meridian North building. The other three spaces are leased and will be consolidated in the new space on Inverness Drive, which is about three miles north of Denver Meridian North.
CHI employees have been invited to share their comments and ideas for space planning at the Inverness location, and to participate in relocation work groups.

Employees currently working in the Denver Meridian South building will relocate by June 1, 2010. CHI’s President’s Council is reviewing alternatives for relocating employees in the other two leased spaces: the Denver Meridian West lease expires March 31, 2011, and the 1999 Broadway lease expires Dec. 16, 2011. CHI will explore opportunities to relocate these offices ahead of lease expirations at no additional expense.