September 2009

Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital Back to Full Service

With the reopening of inpatient operating rooms on September 8, Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital (SMEH), Louisville, KY, returned to being a full-service health care facility. After flash flooding hit Louisville August 4, the hospital moved nearly 200 patients to other health care facilities, including Jewish Hospital. Many SMEH physicians, nurses and clinical staff worked at Jewish Hospital to care for the transferred patients and other patients from south Louisville. SMEH reopened its outpatient surgery center August 10, emergency department August 12 and some inpatient beds August 17.

The flood put 16 feet of water in the hospital’s basement, leaving the facility without electrical systems, communication lines, air conditioning or steam for hot water. The upper floors were not damaged. “The flood has provided the opportunity to build a power plant to relocate our infrastructure somewhere other than the basement,” said Tom Gessel, president and CEO. “But, this will take time to build. It could be as long as 12 months.”