August 2009

Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital Recovering from Flood

08-09 SMEH Flood

The employee parking lot of Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital.

Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital, Louisville, KY, reopened some inpatient beds less than two weeks after a major flood caused the facility to close, with all patients discharged or transferred to other facilities. “I am pleased and amazed by the progress we have made,” said Tom Gessel, president and chief executive officer. “We have opened many areas and have most services available to the community again. Our team members, medical staff, contractors and vendors have worked around the clock to bring us back.”

The flooding occurred August 4 after a rainstorm dropped an estimated six inches of rain on parts of the city in 90 minutes. Flooding in the basement of the hospital caused some issues with power, but the transfer of 196 patients was non-emergent and accomplished in an orderly manner. Jewish Hospital in Louisville received about 70 patients from Sts. Mary & Elizabeth, with others discharged by physicians or transferred to other facilities. Employees and physicians from Sts. Mary & Elizabeth have been working onsite at Jewish Hospital and other Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare facilities that received patients.

Sts. Mary & Elizabeth’s emergency department, the second-busiest in the city, was able to open August 12. As of August 17, 53 of 331 inpatient beds were open as clean up and power supply work continued.