June 2009

St. Joseph Memorial Hospital in Larned to Close

The board of directors of Central Kansas Medical Center, Great Bend, KS, and St. Joseph Memorial Hospital, Larned, KS, in consultation with CHI, announced that St. Joseph Memorial Hospital and its long-term care unit will close September 30. The St. Joseph Family Medicine Clinic in Larned will remain open and may expand its hours and services.

St. Joseph Memorial Hospital serves an average of three or fewer overnight hospital patients per day and 18 long-term care residents; it is licensed for 25 acute care beds and has capacity for 30 long-term residents. "We serve too few patients and residents to support the size and scope of St. Joseph Memorial Hospital's operation," said Ron Koelsch, chair of the board. "We will work together with the community to achieve a smooth transition for patients, residents, employees, physicians and auxiliary."

St. Joseph's employees are being encouraged to pursue employment with St. Joseph Family Medicine Clinic and Central Kansas Medical Center (CKMC). "We recognize and are grateful for the dedication and hard work of the employees, physicians and board of St. Joseph," said Sharon Lind, president and CEO of CKMC. "We sincerely appreciate the community for their support over the years. Maintaining our St. Joseph Family Medicine Clinic will provide access to care for many community members in a way that is financially viable."

The hospital building and land are the property of CHI, and no decision has been made regarding future use.